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Safe, convenient tipping for the trade

As long as your waste is non-hazardous then you are welcome to use our waste transfer station. Trade waste such as builder's rubble, wood, glass, plastics and metals can all be disposed of here in a cost effective and completely legal manner.


Wrecsam Wrecycled Ltd making life easier for the trade - your trade!

Trade waste disposal for all trades at Wrexham's waste transfer station, we're ready and waiting:

01978 314 411

Waste transfer station now open in Wrexham

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Our Wrexham waste transfer station is a convenient tipping place for all tradesmen to tip general waste and recyclable materials. These materials are then bulked up and transported to another location for recycling, further processing or disposal.

different bins for different materials full yellow skip

Trade waste

 •  Is accepted from most trades

 •  Is processed correctly and safely

 •  Is recycled wherever possible

 •  Is our speciality

 •  Is accepted unless hazardous

 •  Is no longer a problem for you

 •  Is why we are here