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We'll collect your cardboard and plastic waste for recycling

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• Collect plastics

• Collect unwanted cardboard

• Collect other items, including bulky ones

• Transfer it to our waste transfer station

• Sort it ready for recycling

• Ensure that it is safely processed

This is what we do

We are dedicated to the removal and recycling of waste and have solutions for most businesses and members of the public. For cardboard and plastics collection in Wrexham and for all other non-hazardous waste collection, call us today.

Sounds strange, but it's true. Our business is waste, everything from legal tyre disposal to getting rid of that ugly old sofa, trade waste, unwanted cardboard and plastic - we do the lot.

We like waste



Cardboard and plastics, now both widely used for packaging all sorts of products, can be bulky and difficult to dispose of.

The good news is that, in the majority of cases, these materials can be recycled and used again which is good news for everyone as it reduces landfill.

We will collect your cardboard and plastics for recycling so call us today to discuss your requirements.


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